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Vulcan trade (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a trading company of Korean Individual proprietorship, we act as an agent and deal with more than ten kinds of product of Korean brands which have been widely applied in auto-welding and cutting auto-production line of shipbuilding,bridge,automobile, chemi-industry, steel manufacure, engineering machine and welding of ocomotive. Main production are Auto-welding control system like welding seam tracking system,oscilator etc.,laser welding,seam tracking and inspection system, plasma hardfacing welding system ,real time welding monitoring system... these products are supplied to occident, Asia, more than decade contries and areas, andwe also hammer atdomestic market.
Main products involve of 5 series,they are
Auto-welding control system


Laser welding, seam tracking, inspection system

Real time welding monitoring system

Industry machinery

Some products like welding seam tracking system,oscilator, laser welding,seam tracking and inspection system, real time welding monitoring system, plasma hardfacing welding system with high quality are used in many domestic companies,and are highly evaluated by these users.

We set up 3C(Casual,Cheap,Creative)as our business principles to meet customers’ inquiries properly. We are doing our best to improve our company responding to concerned people.


The companies which Vulcan deal with whose products are all engineering and manufacturing companies having high technology and long-tern experiences in the field of welding Automation,especially of shipbuilding.

We, Vulcan's staff will do our best in order to maximize your  productivity with the greatest safty and convinience.              

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